Reussi Capital is a Real Estate Equities & Asset Management firm located in New York City. We focus on value-add real estate opportunities across the Northeast, Florida, and Colorado as well as opportunities in the consumer goods, retail, media, and food and beverage markets.

New York City multi-family real estate.

Reussi Capital specializes in the acquisition and management New York City regulated multi-family assets. Our team of asset and property managers has extensive experience in day to day operations and dealing with the various City agencies that govern this asset class including as DHCR, ECB, DOB, and HPD.   [more]

Value-add from start to finish.

We focus on unique opportunities which allow us to utilize our extensive property management, construction, leasing and tenant relations skills. We succeed in well defined business and operational plans which result in consistent long term added value. We are actively involved in the day to day management of each asset and have a “rolled up sleeves” approach to overseeing all aspects of our investments. This is what enables us to deliver superior risk adjusted investor returns.  [more]

Client and investor relationships.

Reussi Capital’s core principles include forging relationships, building trust, creating wealth, and preserving capital. [more]

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